Pregnancy Stages: Week 08

Your baby:

Your baby is growing at a rate of 1mm per day. He starts looking like a baby more than a reptilian. His heart is beating at 150 times per min and even if you don’t feel it, he now is making movements with his tiny limbs. Toes and fingers are emerging from his hands and feet, eyelids are covering his eyes and his tail is about to disappear. The external genitals are not yet developed and you start wondering about your baby’s gender.

Your body:

Even if pregnancy is not showing, your clothes feel tight on your tummy. Soon you will need a bigger bra with support. You can find them in maternity shops. Morning sickness is usually a good sign that your pregnancy is going well. It is aggravated by some odors and types of food. Try to eat often, but small quantities each time. If you have a pet at home, it is time for your partner to take care of him. You should not change the cat litter. Wear gloves before changing it. Decrease your caffeine intake and increase your vitamins supplements and Calcium.