Pregnancy Stages: Week 12

Your baby:

You are reaching now the end of the first trimester. During this week your baby’s weight reaches 14g and he is about 5cm long. His fingers will start to open and close, his eyes will clasp and will start sucking movements with his mouth. His intestines have developed and start to move into his abdominal cavity. His kidneys start to produce urine. His eyes move to the front of his head. His brain is developing at a high speed and his bone marrow starts making white blood cells.

Your body:

Your uterus is now above your pubic bone. Your doctor can feel it. A dark vertical line called “linea nigra” starts to form on your belly. Don’t worry it will disappear after delivery. You will start to feel uncomfortable with your clothes and start to change to more loose ones. Heartburn starts due to the high levels of progesterone which relaxes the muscles around the stomach valve. Try not to sleep after eating and eat small quantities. Your nausea will disappear at this stage and you will feel much better. You should drink plenty of water, have light snacks and wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Start exercising and especially swimming if you can. Take your vitamins and calcium. They are very important for the baby development.