Pregnancy Stages: Week 33

Your baby:

Your baby weighs now around 1.8kg and measures 43cm. His bones are getting harder except for the skull bones that stay uncombined until your baby reaches his adulthood stage. This will enable the skull to flex during birth allowing your baby’s head to pass through the birth canal. His kicks are quite strong. The space around him is getting tighter. If he did not turn yet, it is less likely that he can move downwards since the space is small. Your doctor will explain the technique of seating delivery. His skin is less wrinkled due to the fat building under it.

Your body:

You are now approaching the final stage of your pregnancy. You will feel heavy, unable to move easily and sleeping becomes a challenge. Leg cramps, heartburn, numbness of wrists due to the pressure on the carpal canal are more common. Your belly button pops out and you cannot do anything. It will come back to its position once you deliver. Try to rest as much as possible, drink water and keep your healthy diet. Your visits to the bathroom are more frequent. You baby’s kicks are strong. You can count your baby’s movements during an hour. If they are less than 10 movements, drink some juice and lay down on your side. It should boost your baby’s energy. If you are in doubt and you do not feel your baby’s movements, call your doctor. At this stage, Braxton Hicks contractions can become a normal process. They do not have any effect on the cervix opening and they are not intense. Usually they disappear if you change your position.

You should get ready for the delivery and for welcoming the baby. Lots of things have to be prepared before you go to the hospital. The most important thing is the car seat. You will need it to place the baby in it when leaving the hospital after delivery. The baby’s accessories as diapers, blankets, feeding bottles, breast pump, crib, stroller and outfits should be cleaned, organized and set to welcome the baby. You should also start preparing your bag for the big day. Pajamas, slippers, nursing bra, pads, personal items, pillows and baby accessories should be added to the bag. Don’t forget to put the camera and the battery charger. You do not want to miss the entrance of your baby to life! Let your partner help you in preparing for delivery. It will help to increase the bond between you, the baby and your partner.