Pregnancy Stages: Week 19

Your baby:

At this gestational age your baby weighs around 240g and he is about 15cm long. His brain is developing the areas specialized in taste, hearing, vision and touch. A protective substance called Vernix Caseosa starts to form all around your baby’s body protecting him from the amniotic fluid. His legs and arms are proportional now.

Your body:

During this stage of your pregnancy you are getting round faster than before. You might be noticing changes in your skin color. Dark spots can form on your cheeks, forehead and upper lip. We call them “Chloasma” or “mask of pregnancy”. Try to avoid the sun since it will aggravate these spots. You can use sunscreen to protect your skin.  The dark line on your abdomen called linea nigra is obvious now. Don't worry it will disappear after birth. During this week of pregnancy leg cramps are very common due to muscle fatigue and the relaxin hormone. Avoid standing up for long periods. You might feel dizzy from time to time due to the pressure on your blood vessels. Take it easy and try to rest. Watch your weight but do not diet during pregnancy. Take your vitamins since they are very important for you and your baby.