Pregnancy Stages: Week 39

Your baby:

Your baby continues to grow at this stage and carries on building fat to help him control his body’s temperature when he will be born. He is now around 50cm to 52cm and his weight can be between 3.250kg to 3.8kg. His measurements are more likely to remain the same during these last weeks. His head drops into the pelvis preparing for birth.

Your body:

Each week your doctor will check the baby, perform a physical exam and an internal exam to see if the cervix has softened, effaced and dilated. Even with these exams he will not be able to fix the exact date. You might deliver anytime. If you surpass week 40 and still no labor signs, your doctor may induce labor.

With the baby’s head in the pelvis, you will be able to breathe more easily now but walking would become uncomfortable. Braxton Hicks contractions are more frequent and you might start experiencing a normal pinkish vaginal discharge due to the opening of the cervix. Rupture of membranes can happen anytime expelling the amniotic fluid. If your water breaks, call your doctor immediately. Labor might start directly after the rupture. Even if the contractions do not start after the membranes rupture, your doctor will induce you.

Try to relax during these last weeks and have some time for yourself. Prepare yourself for the new baby. Continue monitoring your baby’s movements and taking your vitamins.

If you are planning to breastfeed, make sure to bring the nursing bras in your bag to the hospital. Get some breast pads too. If you are having a planned C-section, check with the hospital about the procedures and the possibility of having your partner with you in the operating room. Some hospitals would allow dropping the sterile field so you can see your baby directly after removing him. Some would also allow your partner to cut the umbilical cord.

At this stage you will be dreaming about holding your angel in your hands. You might be wondering about how he looks like, to whom he resembles, what color is his hair, skin and eyes. For sure, no matter what he looks like he is the most beautiful baby in the world!