If you already know what you’re looking for your child, you had to visit us.Program goals:Work+passion+continuityHow to put your kid on his track of success?1-Help kids to improve self confidence.2-Turning on their channel and self direction to react with the externalEnvironment.3-How to react with the emotional feelings and social situations.4-To develop their skills through physical and athletic activities.5-Turning on the competence in self direct initiative and independence.6-Making learning fun by active participation.7- Achieving the intellectual growth of the child.8- Improving other skills through a variety of art, handwork & language learning activities.9-To expand the child’s Knowledge and the world’s around through an introduction with social studies and Geography.10-Helping the child for a friendship building and emphasize group-team involvement.0ur Vision:Kids of today are men of tomorrow so they deserve a special care.Every child has his own gift.They have an inner drive to explore and learn.They are motivated to accomplish personal goals. Our Duties:-We expose them to a variety of different activities.-Stay tuned into the child’s world, listen to their interest ( Sport….art….science…. writing…cooking….math…etc)-Doing our best to offer them the healthiest environment to discover their true potential.-Montessori system which help the kids improve their skills, attention, concentration & make learning fun and easy.- We provide them with resources they need to pursue their talent.The Montessori way for education :The best education way to learn with fun to improve the kids’ skills, respect for a child's natural psychological, physical and social development.Expert trainers for sport activity:We are providing the best sport team, they are the very best available talent athlete.Kids who participate in sports experience, it has a positive effects on their mental health as well.Physical activity triggers the release of endorphins in the brain, chemicals that boost mood, help, prevent & relieve depression.Kids who participate in sports earn better grades in school & develop better social skills. Meals:We provide three healthy organic meals.1. Five stars level of cleaning & care, wide windows for sun rays, all the nursery is fully air conditioned.2. Wide garden with well maintenance swimming pool, Gym, Special suite for baby class.3. We have an experienced, qualified staff for Quran, English, Arabic, Art, & qualified nannies. 4. Specialized in behavioral therapy & speech-language pathology.5. Working times from 7 am till 4 pm, from Sunday till Thursday, extra hours with extra fees.Our summer course: We are offering the healthiest environment to invest your children time through positive activities such :Swimming, Barcure, Quraan, handwriting, for boys from 6 years till 15.Swimming, fitness, Quraan, cooking, handwriting for girls from 6 years till 15In addition to English and Arabic lessons. Our Fees starts from 1800 Special offer for companies starting from 10 children [10 %]P.S: limited places


Address :

66 villa Wadi el rabe3 Ramo elmotamaiz , 6 October

Phone : 39122601

Mobile : 01002261167

Email : Bloom nursery@g mail.com