Ideal Behavior Nursery

  Manners, Education Program, Arts and Crafts, Sports, Music, medical care, nutrition, three meals a day.   About nursery programs .. General Knowledge curriculum (general knowledge) .. platform connectivity (login program) .. logical answers programs (logical answer) ... develop intelligence methods (intelligent progress) .. programs (factory scienc) for skills development experience science programs and science .. languages (German. Italian french. English. Arabic.) .. use the spokesman of the pen wrote speaks German and french at the same time .. the use of scientific apparatus relating to the start of manufacture (steamboats. cars. aircraft) to expand perceptions of the child and its information to the farthest in. . detailed historical program of the Pharaonic civilization, especially the construction of the pyramids .. German excavation program and English and how to dig ... sports program (under the supervision of Captain Ahmed) .. .. healthy eating program was reinforce behaviors Atkit software programs Lebanese cultural Center .. Almenteora partial programs and adapts to the reconstruction of the children of the kindergarten and footwork parts .. approach the Qur'an and the prayers and prayer with Sheikh Mohammed Jamal ..  



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K 3 Egypt Desert road, Befor El Waha Hotel  -Haram

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