Neuro Learning

reading assistant (A native teacher for every student!)

-It is an International English language course for all ages and is matched for any school curriculum.

-The first and only program that listens to the student and corrects his/her pronunciation.

-It improves listening,speaking,reading comprehension,vocabulary and writing in a short time .


-It builds a strong foundation for school performance for a life time.

-It is taught in international schools in more than 40 countries around the world.

باقى البرامج

Conversation with native speakers (American and British)

Home Help ( English, Math and French ) الدروس المدرسية

Learning Disability ( reading and writing ) صعوبات التعلم

Teaching Efficiency كيف تصبح مدرسا مؤثرا

Brain Gym العاب العقل 

Summer and Winter Courses النشاط الصيفى ونشاط أجازة نصف العام 

Preparing kids for school's interview