Healthy nutrition for children

What is healthy food for children


Essential nutrients that children need

  • Calcium: a large number of children lose calcium due to drinking soda and other sugary foods; Because it absorbs calcium from the bones, which leads to their weakness and fragility, for this the child needs about 500 mg of calcium a day, and to obtain it, he can drink whole milk, grains, and orange juice.

  • Iron: Babies need 7 mm of iron daily, which is obtained from milk, grains, red meat, and eggs.

  • Fruits and vegetables: The child needs to eat vegetables and fruits regularly and twice a day, and it is preferable to eat vegetables and fruits in the form of snacks.

  • Grains: Cereals are an essential nutrient for building a child's body. Because he needs four servings of grains a day, and the mother can offer the cereal to her child in the form of wheat pancakes, unpeeled bread, or a plate of brown rice.

  • Zinc: Recent studies and research confirm that zinc strengthens children's memory, and to obtain it, beef, liver, whole grains, milk, cocoa, nuts and poultry must be eaten.

  • Salt: table salt improves the taste of food and foods, but increasing its percentage leads to an increase in blood pressure, so its quantity must be reduced and the use of herbs, spices, spices and lemon juice to add flavors to foods, and children should reduce the proportion of eating cooked cheese, ready-made sweets, canned soups, potato chips, pickles and foods. Containing preservatives.

  • Milk and dairy products: Milk and its derivatives work to strengthen the bones and teeth of children, because it contains a high percentage of calcium, so doctors and nutritionists advise providing milk to the child from the age of one year, and it is preferable to give him full-fat cow milk three times a day due to its importance.

  • Fats: A children's diet cannot be without fatty substances. Because fats are an important source of energy, the percentage of fats in foods should not exceed normal, so as not to raise the level of cholesterol in the body.

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