Bubbles Nursery and Pre-School

About Bubbles Nursery:  We created a nursery environment that was safe, with resources nowhere near as sophisticated as those in our nurseries today, but learning opportunities were always plentiful. We recruited staff with passion, enthusiasm and a never ending commitment to the children. Parents were always assured that their child was happy, because their interests were nurtured, and their individuality respected Our nursery is specifically designed to suit the needs of young children, with large, bright play rooms and outdoor play areas, all complete with modern equipment and a variety of age appropriate toys.       Our child-centered approach promotes the development of creativity, individuality and self-confidence, whilst delivering the highest standards of care. Languages: Arabic - English - French   Age: from 3 Months - to - School Age  After School Hours  Bubbles Nursery Works from 8 am to 4 pm  Extra hours in Late duties are available till 5:30 pm Meals: Breakfast - Lunch - Snacks  Pediatrician once every week and always on Call Monthly Birthday Party Montessori / Science / Manners and Ethics Music - Art & Craft - Aerobics and Holy Quran  Transportation Available


Address :

Villa 61, Group 32 El Rehab (2), El Rehab City

Phone : 01017079999

Mobile : 01141009868 - 01227088247

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