“Colors Founders and staff” are group of passionate parents & teachers who had the same needs and we created every inch of Colors based on that… with time we grew in the market from a small nursery to a company “Colors for early childhood Development” that has 3 branches of Preschools and nurseries in addition to Training & Development center for Family wellbeing. From our need… We created a an honest, trustworthy, reputable, home-like Preschools and Nurseries. We love what we do and we hope we’re adding to our community, society and country the most important component to the future … your children Colors Mokattam was our 2nd member of Colors for early childhood development Group, this group established a strong vision “Building Future One child at a time” and we started with our first branch in Maadi in 2004, the success achieved in Maadi was a sign to open another branch in Mokattam adding to Mokattam market different flavor of uniqueness in the field of child care and family support. “Not copying others” was the key to our success and differentiation, we respected all the market pioneers and big names, studied their experiences, learned a lot, developed and created so much till we exceeded market expectations. We offer special services to our kids starting 3 months till school age. Our main pillars in Colors as preschool, day care and Activity Center are: - Back in 2004 we were pioneers in bringing to the Egyptian market 2 new services -at that time- : o Working from 7am to 7pm putting Parents interest and convenience in the 1st place o “School Waiting” service … where we host school students from Pre-KG up to Grade4 after school hours, offer complete care till 7pm. To help all working mothers feeling good about their children finishing their school day before the end of her working hours. Also, help families to spend more quality time with their children. - Hygiene is always a priority weather in the premises or in the children day-2-day activities. - Tailored funny and beneficial programs according to age. Taking into consideration how unique each child is … in his character, skills, potentials and way of receiving the information. - We rely on qualified management, staff and service providers to create the cozy, safe and trust worthy place for your precious little ones. - Food and beverages served in Colors are specially prepared with care, passion and love … our menus are also nutritious, balanced and Healthy with “made at Home” label on each plate and cup. To us educating preschoolers means offering life to them, hiding academics in fun, events and games … embedding manners and ethics in every conversation, behavior and play … creating loved ones from friends in group activities, trips and parties … promote classy environment through Music classes, artistic activities and charity work. In Colors Mokattam we “Build Future One Child at a Time”


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