Nursery Anna, with over 21 years of success in education and bringing up children with love and care est. 1997 in the heart of Mohandeseen, is A HOME AWAY FROM HOME with a great input of education methods from Finland with the required methods from our local educational system and Jolly phonics your child will be well prepared to very high standard schools. We bring out the best out of your child through music, art, playing in-and outdoor, dancing and baking. We provide your child a safe and homey environment, three healthy nutritious meals, English or French from 7.30am to 6pm. Babies from 1month till school age join our family. Tailor made winter-summer camps for school children with educational field trips as well as after school care is available.

Class Hours

  • SaturdayHoliday
  • Sunday07 am - 06 pm
  • Monday07 am - 06 pm
  • Tuesday07 am - 06 pm
  • Wednesday 07 pm - 06 pm
  • Thursday 07 am - 06 pm
  • Friday Holiday


Address :

No.33 Hegaz St. Mohandessin

Phone : 02 33465149 - 02 33056525

Mobile : 01221042339 - 01281411622 - 01281411622

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