El Rehab City

Egypt Directory provides every mother and father with complete information about all the national and international schools in Al-Rehab area, and it helps every mother and father in the process of searching for all those who are in turn to teach your son in terms of hygiene, level, educational system, sports and educational activities, and curricula followed

American Cairo International College - ACIC
  • We are an American, Islamic devoted, independent school which offers the American Diploma to students from levels, Kindergarten to Grade Twelve.
Futures Language School

Futures Educational Systems (FES) is a network of educational institutions with a mandate to develop instructional practices.

The British School

The British School Al Rehab (TBS) is a good school with some outstanding features. The partnership with parents is outstanding and the students, parents and staff are highly committed to the school.

Private Deutsche Schule Kairo
  • Die Private Deutsche Schule Kairo [PDSK] ist eine Deutsche Auslandsschule und IB World School. Sie ist eine internationale Schule und Mitglied im WDA.
Cambridge Egypt Integrated School
  • We believe that the parent-teacher-child team is one that will lead to the pupil ’s success. Team work is our school policy