Masr El Gdida Heliopolis

The Egypt guide makes it easy and provides every mother and father with all the information about the best nurseries in Heliopolis, the National and International nurseries, information about Arabic educational curricula, languages, readers, Montessori, modern methods of developing children's skills, educational and sports activities, and superb hygiene for these nurseries

Beehive Nursery & Pre-School

Beehive nursery and pre-school offers excellent facilities for children.· Beehive prepares our kids for national and international schools.· Beehive education style is based on Jolly phonics system and Montessori classes.- English & French classes.- Arabic classes.- Cooking.- Religion.- Motor skills.- Character Building.- Educational games.- Science classes.- Etiquette and Manners classes.- Art & Crafts.- Story telling and puppet show.- Songs and music classes.- Sport classes (Gymnastics)- Swimming pool.- Trips- Planting.· Beehive kids age from 3months till 6 years.· Beehive Working days from Sunday till Thursday from 8 am to 4 pm.· Beehive offers extra time with extra fees.· Beehive offers 3 meals with delicious snacks.· Beehive provides parents with daily reports.· Beehive provides Medical care.

Anahid Gardens Academy

We provide the best care for your children, Lots of activities, entertainment, and healthy environment with a good educational program, a proper place where we offer ultimate care to your child:English, French, ArabicQuran (Tagweed)Breakfast, lunch, snacksArt, crafts, games, music, songs (3 languages)Swimming poolDrawing, coloring, playingTrips, partiesVideos, dvdsWeekly doctor visitTransportationWe accept kids from 3 months to 5 years,Working days: from Sunday till Thursday,working hours: from 7.30 am till 4 pm, Extra hours till 6 pm.

Garderie Mémé Jeannot

- Mémé JEANNOT is a preschool and daycare center, owned and directed by Mrs. Jeannette Moussalli, former teacher and head of different cycles at Sacré-Coeur Heliopolis- Following her academic career, she opened several preschool and daycare centers, such as Chez Jeannot,- We Offer:- Preschool academic curriculum- French & English sections- Adminssion from 3 months till 5 years- Experienced qualified staff- Daily progress report- Pediatrician weekly visits- Physical Education- Behavioral and Etiquette program- Three nutritious meals- After school service and summer camps- Available extra hours till 6:00 P.m.

Lads n' Lasses Nursery

Lads n' Lasses is an American nursery in Heliopolis, Cairo. We provide services for children from three months to five years. We provide a clean and safe environment for your child while specializing in the early childhood education your child needs!At Lads n’ Lasses we specialize in helping children explore, learn, and grow in ways that prepare them for future success. We have an individual plan for each child as we guide your child to develop a strong character, exhibit empathy for others and take responsibility towards society in which they live. Children are honored for who they are, where they begin and how far they go. Their journey is our challenge, as we are responsible for their introduction to formal education. Each year is used as a building block to the next.

First Steps Nursery

Hurry up and register your kids in our Amazing Summer Camp at first steps Nursery and let them have fun in our Outdoor Area.

Register Now and let your kids have fun

Summer Camp Program 2020

Art and Craft
French (second language)
Scientific Experiments
Self- defense sessions
PE sessions
Creative thinking
First Aid
Treasure finding games
Tent building
Zumba \ Yoga
Swimming pool
Ages from 5 till 12 years old
3 freshly made meals
All rooms are monitored with video cameras
Air-conditioned classes
Safe playing Area
Transportation service available

Kids Castle Nursery
We believe in the creativity of every child. Our nursery
empowers children to express their characters through activities, and prepares them for life
Incubation program:
We accept children from 3 months to 5 years old.
Receive children after school hours, summer and winter camps.
Educational curricula (English - French - math - Arabic - Quran).
Activities (drawing - aerobics - handicrafts - cooking - puzzles - stories - garden - songs - music - cubes - parties - birthdays).
Daily reports.
Air-conditioned classes.
Smart board.
Specialized teachers.
We offer two meals (breakfast - lunch).
The place is monitored by cameras.
Preparing children for schools' entrance.
Business days are from Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Extra time in the morning and evening (7: 00 ~ 8:00 a.m. / 4: 00 ~ 7:00 p.m.).
There are morning and evening hosts throughout the week, as desired, until 10 pm.
Different systems to subscribe (one month - half a month - daily hosting)
Honey Bunny Nursery

Our teachers are qualified highly trained and experienced we offer international curriculum, preparation for international schools, bus service, air conditioned classes , monitored classes with cameras, weekly events , swimming pool , summer and winter camp and after school and lots more....

Sweet hearts nursery
تعليم لغات (English - French - Math- Science)
تعليم كورس منتسوري كامل.
حفلات و ايام ترفيهية.

فصل رسم و زومبا و ايروبكس

عمل ندوات مع نخبة رائعة من اساتذة التغذية و تعديل السلوك و الارشاد النفسي للطفل و الام.

نستقبل الحضانة اطفالها من 8 ص الي 4 م و يوجد استضافات مسائية.

تقبل الاطفال من سن 3 شهور.

نستقبل اطفال المدارس في الاجازات الصيفية و عمل برنامج تعليمي و ترفيهي ممتع.

فصول مضادة للصدامات (لتجنب الاصابات)

نقدم 3 وجبات للاطفال.
رعاية طبية.
مدرسيين مؤهلين تربويآ لتلبية متطلبات اولادنا النفسية و التربوية.
Chez Jeannot Nursery Branch 1

Heliopolis branch monthly fees 1650

Including 3 meals
About Chez Jeannot Nursery: * Gymnastics, Aerobics, Swimming pool (summer).

Hill Toppers

OUR Methodology Reggio Emilia inspired curriculumCreative languagePhysical developmentCommunication skills,language and literacyPersonal,social&emotional developmentProblem solving reasoning and numeracyWe offer English & deutsch classesCamera monitored classesParent’s involvement programsParent’s Quarterly EvaluationDaily Reports & Monthly NewsletterHigh qualified staffThree nutritious meals Zepter kitchen stuffPlay and learn stations

Reserve your child’s place on top of the Hill , we will take your kids step by step to the top

A unique approach in early years development where every child matters

Kids Planet Nursery - Heliopolis

We offer:


-English classes.



-French Classes.



-Three Well Balanced home cooked meals.



-Music,art and Physical activities.



- Transpiration.- Paddling Pools .



Our Working hours from :(08:04)



*Saturday and Friday Off





Kids Castle

نستقبل الاطفال من سن ٣ شهور  الي ٥ سنين
تعليم اللغة الانجليزية و اللغة الفرنسية
مونتسوري بالالعاب الخشبية و فنون و اشكال يدوية ، اتيكيت
توجد انشطة صيفية
التحضير للمقابلات المدرسية
رعاية طبية متميزة
 ٣ وجبات صحية متكاملة
 مواعيد العمل من الثامنة صباحا ، حتي الساعة الرابعة مساءاً وساعة اضافية مساءاً.
توجد استضافة بعد المدرسة

The Ultimate Child Academy

About The Ultimate Child Academy:



Languages: Arabic - English - French - Holly Quran




Age: from 3 Months - to - School Age




Working Hours: Basic time from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm




Extra hours in Late duties are available till 5:30 pm




Meals: Breakfast - Lunch - Snacks




Montessori approach for practical life skills




The Ultimate Child Academy Provide Medical Care




Activities: Music - Ballet - Karate - Art & Craft - gymnastic - Puzzles - Computer - Birthday Parties - Trips




Transportation Available


Kiddy Corner

Kiddy pretended City
Not all classes have four walls!
Taking kids beyond classroom is like unclipping their wings
Our special city designed for children to learn how the real world works through play and more realistic context to unleash their talents and abilities.

Thamra Nursery
- أول حضانة إسلامية متكاملة في مصر الجديدة.
- الحضانة تعتمد نظام المنتسوري في التعليم.
- تعليم القراءة باستخدام مهارات المنتسوري.
- منهج تربوي لتنمية الجوانب المعرفية والمهارية والوجدانية للطفل.
- تحفيظ القرآن الكريم
- تعليم العقيدة الصحيحة والآداب الإسلامية.
- تعليم اللغة الإنجليزية.
- حصص تربية بدنية
- حصص تربية فنية
- ثلاث وجبات صحية
- رحلات وزيارات تعليمية وترفيهية.
- Mobile application تقرير يومي شامل من خلال
- معسكرات صيفية وشتوية.
- نظام كاميرات مراقبة
- نستقبل الأطفال من 7:30 ص إلى 3:00 م مع وجود ساعات استضافة.
- يوجد توصيل
Snow White Nursery

We accept children starting from 40 days and up to 5 years old, working to improve their mental and physical abilities.

We offer complete medical care services, correct pronunciation mistakes.

We've three sections: English, French and German, in which we implement different educational methods and advanced tools according to children’s age.

Full day from 7am. till 7 pm., part time 6days per week.
Extra hours in late duties are available upon request with extra meal.
We offer three well balanced meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Snack).

We have many different activities Aerobics with huge specific hall, And children singing and dancing with their teachers with rhythm of the piano and violin in a Music room, doing cards and painting on the wall in the Art room, video room where they watch cartoon and life stories And favorite time comes to them .. Is going to Garden, Sunny playing area so children would enjoy a healthy environment to play in with small cars, slides and swings where children are always supervised by teachers and assistants. 

We organize an amazing program for school kids in summer and mid-year vacations, which helps them in developing, building up their characters & Broaden their horizons. (Swimming, Karate, Ballet, Music, Religion, Research, Computer, Aerobics, Gombaz, Art, and many wonderful activities)
- with weekly trips and monthly fun days.

Transportation is available with professional drivers & assistants to follow up the children.

We've an after school Hosting ( with a meal and homework help).

The earliest years of children’s education are the most important and a key part of their subsequent development, a nursery education at Snow White gives parents the confidence that their child is receiving care of the very highest standard. Snow White Nursery School places great effort in preparing your baby and toddler with the best possible start not only through our specially designed baby room and toddler section but also with planned stimulation of all the senses through adaptation, routines and a curriculum incorporating activities that make the most out of your child’s early years education. From birth children have without doubt a great ability to learn Snow White Nursery creates the ideal environment for your child to grow and develop.

Smiley Nursery

We open at 7:30 am to 4 p.m
We have extra time to 5 am
We accept kids the from 3 months mnimum
We have after school service
We have entertainments for summer camp
We use the modern techniques in education "all the class provided with smart board and data show"
We have continuous medical follow up All the class provided with air conditions and cameras

Kids College Nursery




Villa 1, Building 29, 1st Zone, Sheraton Housing, Heliopolis

Tel.: (+202) 22661242 - (+202) 22660270

Mob.: +2 0122 3563 793

E-mail :

Website :

Kiddy Republic Nursery

Professional  Montessori education system

Behavior modification / Skills development

Specially selected materials and resources

Fully equipped clsses to have fun and learn

Gym classes & innovative physical educational tools

Nutritious and healthy meals


Collective birthday celebrations

Montessori classes/قياسات نفسية/اختبار ذكاء/صعوبات تعلم/استضافة يوم كامل للتوحد وسمات التوحد

يوجد فصل للتوحد وسمات التوحد

New Frozen Nursery & Baby Club
Frozen Nursery in Heliopolis is announcing 25% discount for all new children and also offering an additional discount for the second brother/Sister.
The nursery offers the following :
1- Three healthy meals per day.
2- Gymnastics trainer is available weekly.
3- There is a children's communicative therapist, Behavior modification and skills development Doctor in addition to a pediatrician is also available once a month.
4- A French-European Teacher has a high level of experience in preparing children for school interviews.
5- There is also a highly qualified English language teacher
6- There is a Quran memorization and teaching etiquettes
7- Possibility to set up birthdays throughout the week
8- Possibility of hosting by day until 6 pm maximum.
9- welcoming children after school hours and help them with their homework.
10- Nursery is licensed and we accept children from the age of 3 months.
Kids Online Nursery

About Kids Online Nursery: 

Languages: Arabic - English - French - Holly Quran 

Age: from 3 Months - to - School Age 

After School 

Working Hours: Basic time from 8 am to 4 pm 

Kids Online Nursery Provide Extra hours in Late duties are available till 5:30 pm 

Meals: Breakfast - Lunch - Snacks 

Medical Care 

Summer Camp 

Activities: Music - Puzzle - Art & Craft - Birthday Parties - Trips 

Transportation Available

Erina Academy & Pre-School
Erina academy & pre-school is up and running; ready to welcome your little loved ones. In Heliopolis we are ready to take really good care of your children, offering a range of plans that start hours and doesn't end at months. Like early birds we start at 7 am and we keep the fun-learn train till 10 pm, and on such a long day we feed your children's little tummies with preset heathy balanced meals. Our specialized staff is always thrilled to blend melodies and colors in our arts and crafts sessions; all along our Oxford curriculums. Erina acadmey is jolly all year long, warm and energetic in our winter camps and ready with splashing fun in our summer camps. Message us on Facebook or give us a call to reserve a little chair for your little loved one
Oxford English Academy Branches
Oxford English Academy is an expanding global organization based in Oxford, we pride ourselves on our integrity and quality of teaching. This prestigious academy was founded to work for a future where our kids are seen as thinkers and leaders. We give the teachers the tools they need to create young thinkers with great futures.

We mix the traditional with the modern and create a solution which removes the need for students to travel to Oxford – we bring Oxford to them! Your child will leave our facility with an accredited certificate from Oxford English Academy in England and will gain a new proud family at Oxford English Academy!
Rise and Shine Kinder Care

About Rise & Shine Kinder Care Nursery: 

standards in the fields of Early Childhood Development , through continuous professional advancement of all members of staff international ng .

Languages: English - French

Rise & Shine Works from 8 am to 4 pm

Meals : Breakfast - Lunch - Snacks

Medical Care


Because your child deserves  that's the best. Our nursery Cute Kids Academy  prepare for our kids special daytime full of playing , activities, learning. 

It serves infants, toddler and children from two  months to four years of age.


.Special discount for


(Brothers- and sisters - up to 50%)

(New children's 25%).

*Prepare kids for school interviews. .....


*Etiquette through


*Trip and parties

*three meals (Breakfast, lunch, snack )




*learning English, math, science


*English songs

*Human building

Chez Jeannot Nursery


About Chez Jeannot Nursery: 

* Gymnastics, Aerobics, Swimming pool (summer).


Kiddy House Nursery

Our mission is to provide the best education and environment for pre scholars to unleash their full physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. Kiddy house nursery’s approach to the curriculum is based on the modern Montessori approach and integrates a social emotional based program.

- A Certified Professional Montessori System
- International Curriculum
- Highly Qualified & Well Trained Teachers
- Speech Therapy
- Behavior Modification
- Catering to Each Individual’s Needs
- Fully Equipped Classes
- A Unique & Creative Arts & Crafts Facility
- Innovative Physical Educational tools
- Practical Life Experience & Character Building Programs
- Nutritious & Healthy Meals
- Pediatric Regular Medical Checkups
- Transportation
- Fun & Educational Monthly Trips
- Life Learning Skills
- Etiquette
- French, English & Arabic Circle Times
- Self-Skills Exploration
- Behavior Modification through music classes
- Swimming, ballet, & gym
- Summer & Winter Camps

Banana Bunch Nursery

Nursery page:Our Mission is to provide an environment that is both smulang and supporve to young children, where they can discover that they are important and where learning can be fun.Our Vision is to raise responsible children, who are both useful for themselves and for the community.Our Mission is to provide an environment that is both smulang and supporve to young children, where they can discover that they are important and where learning can be fun.Our Vision is to raise responsible children, who are both useful for themselves and for the community.Our Mission is to provide an environment that is both smulang and supporve to young children, where they can discover that they are important and where learning can be fun.Our Vision is to raise responsible children, who are both useful for themselves and for the community.Our Mission is to provide an environment that is both smulang and supporve to young children, where they can discover that they are important and where learning can be fun.Our Vision is to raise responsible children, who are both useful for themselves and for the community.Our Mission: Is to provide our environment that is both stimulating and supporting the young children where they can discover that they are important and where learning can be fun.Our Vision: Is to raise responsible children who are both useful for themselves and for the community.  All Kids from 03 months up to pre-school level are welcome from 07:00 am till 05:00 pm, 05 days/week except weekend days (Friday & Saturday)  All our classes and public areas are monitored under the supervision of administration team through internal cameras. Your Kid’s activities/comments would be reported on daily basis direct to parents.  We offer Three nutritious, freshly-made, balanced meals: breakfast, lunch & a snack(an extra meal can be provided at 04:30 upon request for a fee)  Hand-to-hand transportation is available under safe conditions and professional assistance upon arrival/leaving.  Our teaching activities focus on main personality, traditions, manners and behavior in English academic way within safe & healthy environment  For the sake of developing your kid talents;other activities would be available (Sporting activities, Zumba dancing, fitness classes, Summing, music, arts and painting).  Extra working hours available against extra charge  Periodical medical care.

ICE Nursery and Pre-school

ICE Nursery preschool*
Ice nursery preschool offer-

*Accredited international curricula.
*Cheerful sunny conditioned classes.
*Qualified foreign and Egyptian teachers.
Professional coaches for karate ballet and fitness classes. *
*Vast garden (suitable for making birthday parties.
*Outdoor activities (swimming pool –garden).
Qur'an classes * music classes * French classes.*
* Arts and crafts * computer lap * trips * smart boards.
* Regular doctor check–ups
** ice (nursery – preschool) curricula:
* Our system is based on the international academic curricula “common core & jolly phonics"
** (working) :
* welcome kids from the age of 6 months to 4-5 years and summer school.
* Sunday - Thursday from 7:30 – 4:30.
*Saturdays are available (extra fees).
* Transportation is available.
* Healthy fresh meals are offered (breakfast , lunch and snack) .