Child's mental health

Factors affecting the mental health of the child health


the most important factors affecting the formation of the child's psyche:  Get regular exercise , Eat healthy food, and a proper and balanced diet.

The freedom to play at home and outside the home, and give him enough time to play.

Being part of a well-matched family with no major problems between them, especially between mother and father. Going to a good school that takes into account your child's psyche and deals with the problems he is going through in a smooth way, or at least responds to your words and reviews about your child.

Participating in the psyche of your child is no less important than his physical health, when your child has a normal self, he can adapt to all the accidents and things he goes through in social activities, which allow him to enter the society around him and deal with reality.

Feeling loved and trusted by those around him.

Provide him with opportunities to enjoy life, and the childhood that will not be repeated. Not to burden your child with worries from a young age, and give him the opportunity to try, right and wrong.

Optimism and smiling at home have a great effect on your child's psyche.

Allow him to learn, succeed, fail, and experience.

Acceptance and recognition of his abilities without diminishing him.

Give him a sense of belonging to family and society, no matter how different he is.

It gave him a sense of control over his life, and the ability to make simple decisions according to his age.

Having the necessary strength to handle at fault and flexibility in solving various problems.

All the previous factors strongly affect the formation and formation of your child's psyche, the maintenance of psychological and mental balance for him, and believe me, caring for your child's psyche is much more important than anything else in life, especially in his early childhood stages , which is the basis for everything that happens to him later in his life.

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