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Egypt Kids Directory is a guide in Egypt for Nurseries , Schools , Character buildings , toys , doctors , dentists , health care , kids special needs , kids & mums wear ecc.., that you can search and find all the information you seek for your kids.

you can find:



  • Nurseries in Egypt including nurseries in Greater Cairo (Nurseries in Cairo, Nurseries in Giza)

*Nurseries in Cairo:
Nurseries in Nasr City

Nurseries in Maadi

Nurseries in mohandseen / Dokki / Agouza

Nurseries in Heliopolis

Nurseries in New Cairo

Nurseries in Zamalek / Manial

Nurseries in Mokattam


*Nurseries in Giza:

Nurseries in Haram & Faisal / Giza / Alex Dessert Rd

Nurseries in Hadayek El Ahram

Nurseries in 6th October


  • Schools in Egypt including Schools in Greater Cairo (Schools in Cairo, Schools in Giza)

*Schools in Cairo:

Schools in Nasr City

Schools in Maadi

Schools in Heliopolis

Schools in New Cairo

Schools in Zamalek

Schools in Mokattam

Schools in Manial

Schools in Down Town

Schools in Misr Ismailia Rd (El Obour – El Shourok)

*Schools in Giza:

Schools in Haram & Faisal / Giza / Alex Dessert Rd

Schools in Hadayek El Ahram

Schools in mohandseen / Dokki / Agouza

Schools in 6th October


All the above schools area International Schools in Egypt & language schools in Egypt

  • Doctors in Egypt including Doctors in Greater Cairo (Doctors in Cairo, Doctors in Giza)


Child Doctors:

Kids Doctors in Egypt including Kids Doctors in Greater Cairo (Kids Doctors in Cairo, Kids Doctors in Giza)

*Child Doctors in Cairo:

Child Doctors in Nasr City

Child Doctors in Maadi

Child Doctors in Heliopolis

Child Doctors in New Cairo

Child Doctors in Zamalek / Manial

Child Doctors in Mokattam


*Child Doctors in Giza:

Child Doctors in mohandseen / Dokki / Agouza

Child Doctors in Haram & Faisal / Giza / Alex Dessert Rd

Child Doctors in Hadayek El Ahram

Child Doctors in 6th October



Dentists in Egypt including Dentists in Greater Cairo (Dentists in Cairo, Dentists in Giza)

*Dentists in Cairo:

Dentist in Nasr City

Dentist in Maadi

Dentist in Heliopolis

Dentist in New Cairo

Dentist in Zamalek / Manial

Dentist in Mokattam


* Dentists in Giza:

Dentist in mohandseen / Dokki / Agouza

Dentist in Haram & Faisal / Giza / Alex Dessert Rd

Dentist in Hadayek El Ahram

Dentist in 6th October


  •  Summer Activities in Egypt including Summer Activities in Greater Cairo (Summer Activities in Cairo, Summer Activities in Giza)

*Summer Activities in Cairo:

Summer Activities in Nasr City

Summer Activities in Maadi

Summer Activities in Heliopolis

Summer Activities in Zamalek / Manial

Summer Activities in Mokattam


* Summer Activities in Giza:

Summer Activities in mohandseen / Dokki / Agouza

Summer Activities in Haram & Faisal / Giza / Alex Dessert Rd

Summer Activities in Hadayek El Ahram

Summer Activities in 6th October



  • Toys (Toys shops) in Egypt including Toys in Greater Cairo (Toys in Cairo, Toys in Giza)

*Toys (Toys shops) in Cairo:

Toys in Nasr City

Toys in Maadi

Toys in Heliopolis

Toys in New Cairo

Toys in Zamalek / Manial

Toys in Mokattam


* Toys (Toys shops) in Giza:

Toys in mohandseen / Dokki / Agouza

Toys in Haram & Faisal / Giza / Alex Dessert Rd

Toys in Hadayek El Ahram

Toys in 6th October


  • Kids & Mums Wear in Egypt including Kids wears in Greater Cairo (Kids wear in Cairo, Kids wear in Giza)

*Kids & Mums Wear (kids wear shops)

* Kids & Mums Wear in Cairo:

Kids Wear in Nasr City

Kids Wear in Maadi

Kids Wear in Heliopolis

Kids Wear in New Cairo

Kids Wear in Zamalek / Manial

Kids Wear in Mokattam


Kids & Mums Wear in Giza:

Kids Wear in mohandseen / Dokki / Agouza

Kids Wear in Haram & Faisal / Giza / Alex Dessert Rd

Kids Wear in Hadayek El Ahram

Kids Wear in 6th October



  • Kids Special Needs in Egypt including Kids Special Needs in Greater Cairo (Kids Special Needs in Cairo, Kids Special Needs in Giza)

* Kids Special Needs in Cairo:

Kids Special Needs in Nasr City

Kids Special Needs in Maadi

Kids Special Needs in Heliopolis

Kids Special Needs in New Cairo

Kids Special Needs in Zamalek / Manial

Kids Special Needs in Mokattam


*Kids Special Needs in Giza:

Kids Special Needs in mohandseen / Dokki / Agouza

Kids Special Needs in Haram & Faisal / Giza / Alex Dessert Rd

Kids Special Needs in Hadayek El Ahram

Kids Special Needs in 6th October



*Health Care

Hospitals & pharmacies in Egypt including Hospitals & pharmacies in Greater Cairo (Hospitals & pharmacies in Cairo, Hospitals & pharmacies in Giza) 

*Pregnancy Classes

*Life Insurance



*Arts & Music Centers

*Days out